Joan Boer

Joan Boer, hired in 1972, was a writer for The Independent for 12 years.

Over the years many people worked in production, circulation and other areas to make sure The Independent is delivered each week.

Circulation, office, production and artistic staff through the years has included Kay Bloom, Tom Gee, Jan Bing, Linda McPherson, Ben Lindberg, Eleanor Alford, Phyllis Sotille, Phil and Enid Holck, Sharon and Bill Hohl, Barbara Biernacki, Bernie La Rosa, Sarah Blakely, Winnie Griggs, Odette Frigone, Ken Tuccoli, Faye Sobers, Marilyn Lane, Christina Yung, and Arlene Dickinson.

List does not include sales staff or writers, of which there were many who helped to keep The Independent going.

Contributing writers today are Ron McNicoll, Carol Graham, Patricia Koning, Jeff Garberson, and Susan Steinberg.

The Independent's current sales manager, Tina Rose, has revitalized the sales department into a lean and hungry group of three. Along with Rose, Sara Owen and Kim Contente efficiently cover a larger territory with fewer personnel than in the history of the paper. Rose, who began as a sales person with The Independent nine years ago, became known for her dogged determination and commitment to the ideals of the paper.

Graphic designer Ping Li produces unique and powerful designs for advertisers and community groups who have come to depend on her.

Office managing, proofreading, and bookkeeping is graciously handled by Ramona Silva, who quietly does the work of two.

Other members of today's team include photographer Doug Jorgensen, on-line calendar editor Carol Edwards, consultant Richard Yates, and circulation Steve Cleland.