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Balance Boxes is a youth-led program that provides students in low-income communities with educational and enjoyable activities.

Each box is created with a designated theme. This is done to ensure the boxes can be made to the child’s liking. Boxes always include books (picture or chapter books), educational games, or school supplies. Along with the educational factors, each child will receive either a theme-related toy, art project, sports ball, or game.

Each box is also equipped with an easy-to-make meal and kid-friendly snacks to keep the child engaged in the activity. One of the unique factors of Balance Boxes is that each of the families is provided with information to register their child for free, one-to-one virtual tutoring. Balance Boxes finds the perfect balance between enjoyable and educational activities and will put a smile on a child’s face.

Balance Boxes started during the beginning of lockdown due to COVID-19, because many kids are less fortunate and do not have the available resources at home. In the nine months of operation, the organization has delivered more than 4,750 boxes and are preparing more in the Bay Area. Balance Boxes has expanded to many other cities in the U.S. and a few overseas.

The local chapter has delivered boxes to shelters such as Shepherd's Gate in the past and will be delivering more in late January. They have three Foothill High School students involved, and have received more than $6,500 in in-kind contributions from various companies, as well as grants.

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