The ancient art of bonsai (miniature trees in the Japanese style) will be on display Father's Day weekend, June 15 & 16, from 10 AM to 4 PM at Alden Lane, corner of Holmes St. and Alden Lane in Livermore. Admission is free.

Charles Harder, who founded the Valley Bonsai Society in 2008, will give a demonstration on both days at 1 PM to exhibit bonsai techniques and to answer questions. Each day, he will create a bonsai which some lucky person may win and take home.

Cultivation of bonsai can require patient artistry-- the melding of the imagination of the artists with the growing habits of the tree-- to shape an aesthetically pleasing result over many years. Or the art can bring quick results. The miniature trees can be made to look like mature trees, stylized, of course, according to ancient Chinese and Japanese traditions.

The Valley Bonsai Society has members whose trees are 50 years old and some members who are just beginners. Memberships are $30 per year; family memberships are $40.

Silk scrolls with photographs of Japan and short poems/ haiku will also be on display.