Cattlemens Steakhouse and MeterSwap, a provider of smart meter services, have teamed up to feed over 2,000 frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, including workers this week at Stat Med Urgent Care in Livermore and Falck Ambulance, which operates in Alameda County.

Abby Becker, marketing manager for the family-owned chain of eight restaurants, said Cattlemens and MeterSwap initially provided box lunches to a thousand nurses, hospital staff, and police departments in the Sacramento and Solano County area. This month, they decided to feed another thousand workers in Shasta, Sonoma, and Alameda County. The lunches consist of a steak sandwich, salad, and cookie.

Becker said Kaiser Permanente in Walnut Creek and the Livermore Police Department are on the schedule for next week. Cattlemens, which operates a restaurant in Livermore, is headquartered in Santa Rosa.