Chuck Life’s a Trip

Livermore author Hans Joseph Fellmann last month published a book in both paperback and on Kindle titled “Chuck life’s a Trip.”

The plot features seven childhood buddies from L-town, Calif., who set off on a trip around the globe that could cinch or crush their friendship. Johann Felmanstien and his crew have a bond that Russian criminals would be jealous of. Besides just being homies from the same hood, they have their own dialect crafted to conceal talk of their rank activities, their own pseudo-culture packed with mad rites, and their own way of life born of booze, drugs, sex and travel to some of the sickest places on earth. They’re about to embark on their biggest journey to date; an 85-day trek across three continents, designed to cement their bond for good. Will it go down like that? Or was the trip meant to bust the blood-brothers apart?

Fellmann currently lives between Prague, Czech Republic, where he teaches English and writes, and Livermore, where he grew up. During the last 20 years, he has been traveling the world and writing about his experiences. To date, he has visited over 80 countries. His articles and short stories have appeared in the UCSD Guardian, the San Diego Union-Tribune and The Prague Revue. He is currently editing his second novel, which is based on his service in Turkmenistan as a Peace Corps volunteer from 2006 to 2008.

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