LOGO - City of Dublin

DUBLIN — The Dublin City Council has agreed to pay Carmel-based artist Steven Whyte an additional $50,000 for sculptures to be displayed at Don Biddle Community Park, part of the 189-acre Dublin Crossing multi-use development.

In May, the city contracted to pay Whyte, doing business as Sculptural Solutions, $500,000 for sculptures at “Crossroads." These include four larger-than-life bronze figures representing veterans of different eras, branches of service and demographics, standing at attention before four American flags.

But in August, Whyte asked the city for a 10% increase in his commission because of storage fees and other increases in costs outside of his control. He cited delays in preparing the site, which will include a 27-foot square plaza of granite pavers.

City staff agreed with the request.

According to the city, the public art is to “honor all who have served and currently serve in the military, and to celebrate the values that the military holds dear: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage.”

The $24 million, 30-acre community park, named for former Dublin Mayor Don Biddle, is now expected to be completed sometime in 2022, with installation of the artwork one of the last projects.

The Dublin Crossing development, on property that was part of the former Camp Parks Army Base in the central Dublin area, will include residential housing and commercial areas.