Purple Heart Tour Parade in Pleasanton

Pictured is the 2017 Purple Heart Tour parade in Pleasanton. (Photo - Doug Jorgensen)

On Friday, August 16th, the Purple Heart Tour will be proudly escorted through Pleasanton and Livermore by military motorcycle riders, Police and Fire Departments. Pat Frizzell, President of Pleasanton Military Families advises supporters to "Listen for the motorcycles, start waving American flags and give our heroes loud, proud and patriotic cheering as they drive by". The community is invited to grab a flag and stand along the route to honor and thank our Purple Heart recipients. Pleasanton supporters should be in place along thwith their flags along the route by 6:15 pm.

This year's procession will begin at 6:30 pm at Mexico Lindo in Pleasanton, then proceed up Bernal Avenue and turn left onto First Street in Pleasanton. The tour will pass by the Friday Night Concert in the Park and then continue to Livermore on Stanley Blvd. Supporters are invited to stand anywhere along First Street in Pleasanton across from Delucchi and Wayside Parks. "Depending on traffic on Stanley on a Friday afternoon, the escort should arrive in downtown Livermore around 6:45 pm, but Livermore supporters should be in place by 6:40 pm", says Frizzell. The procession will turn right onto First Street in Livermore, go through downtown, then turn south on S. Livermore Avenue, continuing south to Mines Road. The procession will then head to a private ranch on Mines Road.

A retired lieutenant colonel and former U.S. Army Green Beret began the Purple Heart Outdoor Tour in 2008 to honor combat wounded soldiers, Marines, sailors, and airmen by treating them to shooting and hunting events at locations throughout the United States. This will be the seventh year the the event has traveled through Pleasanton and Livermore.

The motorcycle procession will likely cause some minor traffic delays as it passes through town. There may be a military helicopter traveling above the procession as well.