ALCO Concert

The Alameda County Fair is excited to continue to offer safe summer fun with drive-in movies, Grab-n-Stay food trucks, live on-stage drive-in concerts, live DJ concerts and more.

Vehicle-based events on the fairgrounds have quickly gained popularity among the community and has become a safe alternative way to celebrate summer with the absence of the annual fair.

Guests have been able to get their fix of fair food at the Grab-n-Stay food rucks and are able to bring their dishes into their cars for the movies or concerts. Picnic tables spaced more than six feet apart are also available for guests to eat on the grass. Between classic fair favorites and gourmet food trucks, there is something for everyone.

As vehicle-based events are on the rise, the fairgrounds have more promoters coming in to host their drive-in events. Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton are two of the latest country music stars to hold exclusive, one-night-only, drive-in concert experiences. The Alameda County Fair has partnered with Encore Drive-In Nights to host these drive-in concert experiences for the surrounding community.

Live DJ drive-in concerts are the latest to be added to the roster of vehicle-based events that the fairgrounds have to offer. Blunts & Blondes with HE$H and Triple F and Subtronics with Calcium & Level Up are the first two live DJ shows scheduled this summer. The live DJ event features a light show and gives guests the feeling of a live DJ set from the comfort of their own cars.

Educational drive-in events are also coming to the fairgrounds. Wildlife Adventures is hosting an immersive drive-in experience to give guests an up-close look at wildlife with a drive-thru and drive-in option. The proceeds from this event will go back into animal-rescue organizations.

“Vehicle-based events are becoming the industry standard to keep communities safe and also provide them a way to escape and enjoy each day,” Angel Moore, vice-president of business development. “The Alameda County Fairgrounds is excited to be a part of this positive way to engage the community and our annual fair guests.”

Vehicle-based events are a safe way to bring the community together. Guests are required to wear masks when outside of their vehicles, and there are signs reminding guests of the rules per the current Alameda County Health Order.

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