Pleasanton high school and college students interested in sustainability issues are invited to apply for a paid internship with the Go Green Initiative (GGI), a Pleasanton-based nonprofit organization.

Students will work fifteen hours per week for nine weeks on a project to benchmark the energy use in buildings owned by the City of Pleasanton and Pleasanton Unified School District. This project addresses multiple goals in the Pleasanton Climate Action Plan. Students will learn to use the Energy Star Portfolio Manager (ESPM) tool, which is the industry standard for energy benchmarking in the U.S.

Applications are due by noon on May 12:, and students should sign up for an interview the week of May 13:

“We have incredibly talented students in Pleasanton who can help the City reduce energy use and meet the goals in the Climate Action Plan,” says Jill Buck, founder & CEO of the Go Green Initiative (GGI). “For the past 2 years we have run internship programs that put students through intense training, and teach them marketable career skills.”

“Now that California and many other states have mandated energy benchmarking for certain types of buildings, energy consultants who can use the ESPM tool are in demand,” says Celine Leroudier, GGI’s Lead Intern and Project Manager and a 2014 Amador Valley High School graduate. “By the end of the summer, our interns will know how to collect and analyze energy usage data for any building.”

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