There’s a crafty new neighbor in town, as leading retailer JOANN celebrated the Oct. 27 Grand Opening of its newest store at 7177 Amador Plaza Rd. in Dublin. JOANN is a one-stop destination for creativity, with an array of craft supplies, fabrics, finished home goods, and seasonal merchandise.

The Dublin store is one of the first with innovative features seen in JOANN’s Concept Store, incorporating cutting-edge technology, dedicated community and learning spaces, and custom services from the Concept Store, which JOANN designed based on research into shopping trends, pilot programs and customer and Team Member feedback.

“We’re thrilled to bring our latest product assortments, innovative spaces, and custom services to inspire all in the Dublin area to create,” said Chris DiTullio, senior vice president, stores, operations and chief marketing officer, JOANN. “Research has proven our stores have become much more than a place to buy things; customers are looking to learn, explore and most importantly, share their creative journey. We have built the new Dublin store specifically to enhance and encourage the full experience, from helping customers find inspiration, to celebrating the finished project with them.”

Elements of the new store include: the Creators’ Studio, a large open community space where customers can take classes, host events and work on projects inspired by the latest trends; tools available for rental, including a high-end long-arm sewing machine, Cricut machines, and 3-D cutting and engraving technology Glowforge, which cuts anything from wood to acrylic; modernized Cut Bar experience, which allows customers to “check in” and continue shopping until a text message alerts them a Team Member is ready to cut their fabric; and a new concierge service called The JOANN Custom Shop, which offers custom sewing services for anything from suit tailoring to home décor.

"Our knowledgeable and creative Team Members are excited to meet new customers and become an integral part of the Dublin community,” said DiTullio. “We look forward to serving, inspiring, and learning from our customers, and to building this new store into a must-see destination for creators across the region."