In the past twenty-two months, one hundred men joined the Livermore Knights of Columbus. On May 25, Father Sergius Propst became the newest member. The council now has 412 Knights with 25 more awaiting induction in the months ahead.

California has 75,000 Knights in 706 councils. The Livermore council was ranked number one for 2018 and 2019. This council does 3 – 5 service events per week all year long. A March event raised and delivered over $30,000 of supplies in one day for the Paradise fire victims and was the state’s best community program of the year. The new members are from all ages and walks of life, including: 3 priests and 5 seminarians, 23 Hispanic men, 9 men under the age of 21, 21 men under the age of 30, and 1 man over the age of 90.

Tom McCaffrey, a Navy Captain who led this recruitment drive, served as last year’s Grand Knight and this year’s Membership Director. He said “Our council strives to give Catholic men opportunities to live their faith through actions of service. With the abuse crisis tainting the Church’s reputation, it is especially important for lay members to show the world what it means to be Catholic. We are not defined by the past behaviors of a few bad actors. Rather, we are defined by the good works we do in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. This principal is the foundation of our council. Men eagerly sign up to participate in our active Catholicity.”

Current Grand Knight Wesley says “It has been an honor to lead these men in the good works they perform. Being a Knight is one of the most rewarding experiences a man can have.”

The Livermore Knights include men from St. Michael and St. Charles Borromeo parishes. Anyone interested in learning more or joining can check out the council website at