The California Knights of Columbus presented the prestigious Mexican Martyr Award to Father Carl Arcosa, pastor of Livermore’s St. Michael Catholic Church. Out of 75,000 Knights in the state of California, Father Arcosa received this award for exceptional service as Chaplain for the Livermore Knights of Columbus and for his outstanding pastoral work.

This award was presented in front of his congregation on May 19th, 2019 after the large Filipino community at St. Michael Church celebrated the inaugural Filipino mass at the parish. The Filipino mass will occur regularly on the third Sunday of the month. Additionally, the presentation coincided with the 12th anniversary of Father Arcosa’s ordination, making it a truly special day for the pastor.

The Mexican Martyr award presented to Father Arcosa honors the memory of Saint Father Mateo Correa Magallanes, a Mexican Priest and Knight, who was killed by Mexican government forces on February 6, 1927 for refusing to reveal the confessions of his parishioners. Thousands of others were tortured or killed during this period of the Cristero War. Father Magallanes, along with 24 other Mexican martyrs, were canonized by Saint Pope John Paul II on May 21, 2000.