To celebrate the centennial of Livermore Post 47, The American Legion is asking area veterans to share their stories, photos, uniforms and militaria with fellow citizens. The Legion is staging a showcase of veterans’ service to the nation in the main hall at the Veterans Memorial Building, 522 South L Street, Livermore, in November.

Veterans may help by lending their military gear and photos of themselves in uniform from any era and any branch of the service for the two-day show.

Though there are thousands of veterans in the area, many friends and neighbors know little about their record of service. All veterans, enlisted or commissioned, share this in common: At one point in their lives, they raised their right hands, swore to defend the Constitution, and thereby wrote a check for any amount — up to and including their lives — for the benefit of all who live in the USA. Regardless of what their rank was, what their branch of service was, or what their job was, this is a chance for veterans to share the public images, stories and physical artifacts from their service.

Responses are requested quickly so the showcase can be properly planned in time for the event. Contact “California American Legion Post 47” on Facebook, email, or call Post Commander Roy Warner at 925-980-6938 or Post Adjutant Bill Bergmann at 925-443-2330.