Kayla Shen

At the renowned International Antonio Vivaldi Competition in Vienna, Austria, August 7–9, Kayla Shen won 3rd place.

“I wish to congratulate my student Kayla Shen for winning 3rd place after days of fierce competition,” said Tamriko Siprashvili, director of Inspire Academy of Music & Arts in Pleasanton. “To simply say that I am proud of her accomplishment would be an injustice. I am not only proud of her excellent win, but of how much she has grown in the last four years I’ve taught her.”

Shen began working with Siprashvili as the youth first entered high school, a transition that resulted in a highly-strenuous and intense daily routine. Shen sought a release — something that brought her happiness and peace. She found music to not only be that, but also something eternal – something that was and always would be there for her. She knew she could never let such an important aspect of her life go.

“Something that started as a deep support in her life grew to encompass it, and as a result she constantly immersed herself in it,” Siprashvili added. “At school, piano and practicing consistently occupied her thoughts. Even during her drives to school, her favorite classical music played in the car. Everything was steeped in music.

“I am honored to have watched Kayla blossom into who she is today. And I am excited to see her next steps, to be there for any and all of them, and to see how she continues to incorporate music in everything she does.”

To learn more, visit www.inspiremusicacademy.com.