Little Library

Three young ladies of Girl Scout Troop 30321— Clara Faria, Grace Blanchard and Tatyahna Munoz — spent the summer meeting, planning, researching, designing and creating a Little Library. On Sept. 21, the Little Library was unveiled and dedicated to the First Responders of Livermore for their service to the Livermore Community.

The project fulfills the Scouts’ Silver Award, and they will soon be exploring their Gold Award options.

The trio thank Fire Station #9 in Livermore for attending the ceremony, Starbucks for their generosity to the celebration, their families who supported them along the way, and leaders Babette Munoz and Jennifer Faria. Additionally, they expressed appreciation to their fathers, Tony and Mark, for adding their workmanship to the project, including a beautiful bench so people can sit, rest and read.

The long-term plan for the Little Library is to have a monthly reading circle, where the girls establish a theme and provide an open invitation to the public to come for story time.

This project fulfills their Silver Award, and they will soon be exploring their Gold Award Options. The girls, who have been together since Kindergarten Daisies, plan to continue on with girl scouts and meet the highest level of Ambassadors.