Knights Mike Taranowski, Wesley Arnold and Anthony Contarciego present awards to Lela Gallo and Kailey Gandolfo with teachers Ms. Miron and Ms. Bonora and Principal Mrs. Wilkie.

After winning accolades at the local council level in February, two students at St. Michael School have received the winning scores at the state level for exceptional essays in the 2018-19 Livermore Knights of Columbus (K of C) Essay Contest. First place awards were announced for Lela Gallo and Kailey Gandolfo at the K of C State Convention held in San Diego between May 16th – 19th, 2019.

In this year’s competition, students composed essays explaining how influences in their lives, such as home, school and church, inspire them to live upstanding lives and serve their community. Miss Gandolfo, a fifth grader, wrote about the influence of spiritual role models in her life and Miss Gallo, a sixth-grader, addressed the challenges of loving thy neighbor as thyself.

In recognition of their excellent work, Gallo and Gandolfo were each presented with a laser-engraved trophy and a gift card at a special end-of-year school assembly with their student peers and parents in attendance on June 7th, 2019. During the ceremony, outgoing Grand Knight Wesley Arnold congratulated the girls on their insightful essays, commenting on the importance of recognizing and appreciating the many inspirational entities in our lives that encourage us to live respectable and virtuous lives.

This essay contest is one of the many youth activities they endorse and support. Learn more about the council at http://www.livermoreknights.org.