Pictured are (front row, from left) Regina Wang, Sally Suezaki, Tom Treto, Jean Legall, Dora Gin; (middle row) Maryann Stevens, Cynthia Harris, Lola Bobba, Marge Johnson, Grace Jenner; (back row) Juanita Dennis, Ken Posard, Joan Faith, Harvey Bruischart, and Alice Athenour.

Residents of Creekview Assisted Living in Pleasanton have been participating in an on-site fitness program conducted by Live 2 B Healthy®. Each participant was given an initial baseline fitness test that assessed their balance, upper and lower body strength, and stamina. Since then, residents have participated twice a week in a 45 minute exercise class that supports their commitments to a healthy lifestyle. Each participant’s fitness is assessed three times per year against their baseline test.

Many studies have shown that regular exercise allows seniors to improve their health and regain control of their daily living activities.