Venture X — a membership-based workspace and community for entrepreneurs and businesses — continues its growth with the groundbreaking of a new 13,224-square-foot location at 4125 Hopyard Road suite 225.

Franchisee, Larry Cabling, of The MOS Group, signed the lease with Britannia Property Owner, LLC in March 2019. Cabling is fully galvanized to grow this new location into a destination for a variety of progressively minded members.

“We’re seeing a continuing movement away from the traditional office environment,” said Cabling. “This evolution is an important part the workforce future, and we’re committed to being on the innovative front of coworking spaces that facilitate collaboration and creativity.”

Cabling believes that the Venture X “best-in-class” working environment meets the ever-changing demands of corporate clients and professionals in a competitive marketplace.

Additional details on workspace options and services are available at