Vericool team

Vericool team in front of their Vericoolers®, with CEO Darrell Jobe in the center bottom.

Vericool not only gives materials a second chance, they also give people a second chance. Companies are often unwilling to hire individuals who were formerly incarcerated or gang members, making it hard for them to find jobs and increasing the likelihood they’ll be rearrested. Vericool CEO Darrell Jobe, who dropped out of school in eighth grade and was in and out of juvenile detention and jail himself, got a second chance at age 23 and is determined to give former prisoners the same opportunity. Roughly 15% of Vericool’s team are second chance employees that now have steady jobs, mentorship and hope, and Vericool is working on growing this program.

At the award ceremony, Norell Paredes, Director of Operations at Vericool, shared Vericool’s vision: “What we do as an organization is much more than creating a product or providing a service. Every decision that we make has the potential to impact both the community and the environment. I ask everyone here today to take the time to reflect back on what we all can do to help inspire others - just imagine the world that we could live in.”

Vericool is among six Alameda County businesses recognized for outstanding environmental performance and business efficiency this year. For more information about the 2019 StopWaste Business Efficiency Awards, visit To learn more about Vericool, visit