After the sudden, heartbreaking loss of their husbands, many women have to fight through shock and sadness to pick up the pieces of their lives for their children. Losing a life partner can mean they don’t have anyone to turn to, to help sort through the rubble and rebuild.

Missing Man Ministry, a 100% volunteer organization whose mission is to support these women and children, invites you to their 7th annual Fall Dinner Banquet where your evening of dinner, auctions and raffles will be all the more satisfying knowing that you are helping widows and fatherless children in need.

Missing Man Ministry’s 7th Annual Fall Dinner Banquet will take place on Sunday, October 6, from 5:00 - 8:30 p.m. at the Cornerstone Fellowship Event Center, 348 North Canyons Pkwy. in Livermore. Tickets are $75 each (at the door or online), and all proceeds go directly to benefiting widows and their children by providing counseling, home or auto repair and maintenance, financial planning and counseling, grief care and recovery, transitional services, emergency support, and long-term solutions.

“My wife and I are both painfully aware what it looked like for our mothers to go through the death of their husbands and raise four kids. It was profound,” said David Doyle, president of Missing Man Ministry. “We are growing this ministry to help more women and children through this often-catastrophic experience. One hundred percent of the funds we raise goes to supporting these women and their children.”

There are many families in need, and you can help them.

To buy tickets, sponsor, volunteer, or learn more, visit: or call (925) 399-5473.