Hear the Color

"Hear the Color" by Alissa Wong

Music for You, a Bay Area group of high school musicians, is again sponsoring the Music for Junior Artists Online Art Contest for students in kindergarten through 10th grade.

Described as an opportunity to experience “a world beyond what we see,” the contest encourages students to create a work of art while listening to selections of music chosen and performed by Music for You.

One of the judges for this year’s contest will be Peggy Gyulai, owner of the Peggy Gyulai Studio in San Francisco, whose own work explores the connections between music and the expressive possibilities of paint on canvas.

Students may submit entries between Feb. 16 and March 22. 2020 Music for Junior Artists Online Art Contest will open on Feb. 16 and submissions will end on March 22 at 11:59 pm. The guidelines are simple:

To enter the contest, students should choose a music selection and create a piece of art that is either abstract or a depiction of a subject related to the piece’s title, background, or theme. Artworks must be submitted between Feb. 16 and March 22. Awards will be presented at the Carnival of the Animals and its Musical Allusions concert on Saturday, April 18. For more information go to https://ptownmusic4you.weebly.com/art-contest.html.