BSA Scout Troop 999B and Troop 999G OCT2019

Livermore Boy Scout Troop 999’s Christmas Tree fundraiser at 187 N. L St., starts on Friday, Nov. 29.

The City of Livermore is well underway with improvements to its downtown — which includes the lot at the corner of Railroad Ave. and N. L St. that has served as BSA Scout Troop 999’s tree lot location for over 20 years. This block is presently being developed, and left the Troop without a tree lot location.

As luck would have it, BSA Scout Troop 999 won’t be moving too far away from its previous location. The landowner of the location previously serving Arrow Rentals has generously offered this spot to the scouts, which happens to be across the street from their old location.

“It’s fantastic to know our tree lot will be conveniently located across the street from our preceding location,” said BSA Troop 999 Scoutmaster Jim Silva. “It was a concern where our lot would be located this year and if we would miss serving our long-standing customers. This new location is equally convenient and offers great visibility. Plus our customers will be able to easily find us.”

The tree lot business is Troop 999’s sole fundraiser for the year. Revenue generated from tree sales helps fund scout camps, pay for camping equipment and pays for other scout activities.

The former location of Arrow Rentals is a temporary spot to serve Troop 999’s needs for 2019. To continue their longtime, successful tree business, the Troop will seek an alternative place to continue their successful tree business in 2020. Vacant land and other creative ideas in Livermore are being discussed as options for next year.

Postcards from BSA Troop 999 have already been mailed this year to previous customers. With over 500 customers on their mailing list, they have many loyal supporters who buy trees from them every year. Additionally the scouts advertise their Christmas tree lot by passing out over 1,800 postcards during their annual Scouting for the Community service efforts in November.