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Open Heart Kitchen has received $250,000 from the Fremont Bank Foundation for a production kitchen and dining room at its proposed Vineyard 2.0 Project in Livermore.

Plans for the Vineyard 2.0 Project at 460 N. Livermore Ave. include housing and other services for the homeless, underemployed workers, veterans and senior citizens, including temporary shelter, mailboxes, showers, laundry facilities and free meals.

“Fremont Bank Foundation is thrilled to support Open Heart Kitchen’s ‘New Kitchen, New Hope’ campaign,” said senior director Julie Zhu. “We knew that we wanted to be a part of the Vineyard 2.0 Project to help provide critical services to people who are seeking stability in their lives.”

Open Heart Kitchen, a nonprofit currently providing free meals at locations in Dublin, Pleasanton and Livermore, expects to break ground on its Vineyard 2.0 project in early 2022.