LOGO - City of Pleasanton

The Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce and the City of Pleasanton have joined in recognizing three local businesses as economic drivers for 2021: Engimata, a biotech company involved in the production of vaccines; IrisVision Global, which is developing wearable devices for the visually impaired; and Paxon Energy & Infrastructure, a planning, training and support services company for the oil, gas and utility industries.

“Pleasanton’s 2021 economic drivers represent a diverse range of leading innovative industries and professionals that have made a successful home in Pleasanton,” said Mayor Karla Brown. “These industries are the heartbeat of our city’s vibrant economy, and through jobs, revenues, and community contributions add significantly to making Pleasanton a highly sought-after place to live, work and raise a family.”

The chamber has posted a video highlighting the companies on its YouTube channel at tinyurl.com/yd6533ta.