Pleasanton Online Library

The Pleasanton Public Library is now offering a new web-based catalog for patrons to search the library’s collection and manage their library accounts. Known as BiblioCore, the new catalog is made possible by the company Bibliocommons. BiblioCore provides patrons a smarter, more assistive search experience level with prominent media companies. Natural language search is now supported; for instance, the search string “new kids’ books” will return children’s books acquired during the past six months. Auto-complete suggestions and a “Did you mean” feature complement assistive search. For recommendations on what to read, watch, or listen to next, patrons can view titles based upon desired attributes, and follow virtual staff accounts for curated, topical lists of titles. Alongside enhanced search functionality is BiblioCore’s “My Library Dashboard” which gives library members an array of convenient controls to manage their library accounts. Once logged into the dashboard, members can rate, review, and save titles to their virtual “My Shelves” for future reference.