Poet Laureate Cynthia Patton is pleased to announce the winners of Poetry in a Test Tube: Livermore's 3rd Annual Science Poetry Contest. A celebration of Livermore’s scientific heritage, the 2019 contest had three divisions: Youth (K-8th grade), Teen (high school), and Adult. Winning poems in each division received $75, $50, and $25, respectively. Honorable mentions are listed in alphabetical order.

There were more than 80 submissions this year, making the contest quite competitive. Says Patton, “Congratulations to everyone who entered the contest. Anyone who writes a poem and shares it with the world is a winner in my book.”


1st Place: Judy Pickett for “Patterns”; 2nd Place: Alexa Malloy for “The Science of Leaving Space”;

3rd Place: Jacki Ames for “Tiny Miracles”; Honorable Mention: Lauren de Vore for “Rosalind”, Gregory Alan Franz for “The Turkey”, Dave Hopkins for “A Packet’s Lament”, Mackenzie Peck for “Lamentation of Failed Stewardship”


1st Place: Sfurti Gaudani, LHS, for “Hopeful, Young, and Free”; 2nd Place: Vishal Venkatesh, GHS, for “Scale (proportions unknown)”; 3rd Place: Jacqueline Fenner, GHS, for “Curiosity”; Honorable Mention: Jonathan Reyes, DVHS, for “Slime Time”, Delaney Richards, GHS, for “The Science of Us”, Lydia Vance, GHS, for “To Know”, Katie Wilson, GHS, for “Animal Kingdom”


1st Place: Ella Abey, Arroyo Seco, for “Our Earth”; 2nd Place: Avery Lockhart, Croce, for “Clouds”; 3rd Place: Alex Chong, Mendenhall MS, for “A Swirl of Wonder”; Honorable Mention: Olivia Abey, Arroyo Seco, for “Love That Microscope”, Cyrus Aqui, Mendenhall MS, for “Rocks”, Sugasri Ishwarya, Joe Michell, for “Clouds”, Lauren Melton, Mendenhall MS, for “Oh, How the Plants Will Grow”, Saanvi Kulkarni, Jackson Avenue, for “The Sun and Moon”

For more information, contact LivermorePoetLaureate@gmail.com.