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A sophomore at Quarry Lane School, Romal Mitr, was recently honored as a “Planet Hero” by EarthX for her environmental endeavors.

EarthX is an organization sponsored by the National Geographic Society. As a Planet Hero, Romal was recently featured in two televised programs for EarthX TV, including the organization’s Planet 911 Youth Reports.

In her Planet Hero segment, Romal was recognized for a variety of environmental projects that she has successfully undertaken. The segment featured Dublin Mayor David Haubert, Quarry Lane Senior Director Candice McGraw, and mathematics instructor and Environmental Club mentor Art Squillante. Haubert spoke of Romal’s initiative to create a Youth Environmental Council for the city, which gained support and inspired youth in neighboring cities to do the same.

“She’s very capable and very passionate about all of these (environmental) issues, and she gets things done,” said Squillante. “That is why she’s a Planet Hero.”

Romal also participated in a televised discussion with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island — an instrumental figure in championing climate change initiatives and introducing many environmental bills that have become law.

Romal is currently the president of Quarry Lane’s Environmental Club. Among the many environmental projects she has spearheaded, one included petitioning the LEGO Group to reduce their carbon footprint by switching to more sustainable products. The corporation recently announced a significant investment to accelerate its sustainability efforts.