Emilia Romagna, the daughter of Colleen and Joe Romagna and a member of Girl Scout Troop 33250 in Livermore, is hoping to encourage some acts of kindness in her hometown.

For her Silver Award community service project, the Livermore High School freshman is hiding 500 stickers in small bags around the city that encourage residents to show some act of kindness toward someone else. “It can be as simple as opening a door for someone,” Romagna said.

Afterwards, she is encouraging those who respond to post what they did and how it affected them to a “Livermore Spreads Kindness” page on Facebook.

“I wanted to do something that spread kindness and positivity,” Romagna said. “My goal was to have people do something nice for others and hopefully have that spread and grow. My goal is to get a ton of people to spread kindness!”

Romagna said acts of kindness already posted to the Facebook page include driving to Santa Cruz to help feed the needy and making Valentine's Day cards and placing them on friends' porches.

“Even people who haven't found stickers are getting into the spirit and starting to post kind acts that they have done,” she said.  

The 14-year-old’s Girl Scout project came together last summer after she started her own business – the Emilia’s Shop on RedBubble.com – designing, printing, and selling stickers that feature Livermore.