The East Bay Regional Park District has published a 10-year report on its Measure WW local grant program. The report showcases the many local park and recreation projects throughout Alameda and Contra Costa counties funded by the Park District.

As of 2019, the Park District has approved $117 million in local grant program funds for 236 total projects. Improvements include enhanced parks, playgrounds and community open spaces, renovated pools, new sports and recreation centers, upgraded skate parks, dog parks, sports courts, and additional walking trails.

“East Bay Regional Park District is proud to partner with local park and recreation agencies to help improve the quality of life for East Bay residents,” said Park District General Manager Robert Doyle. “The 10-year Report highlights how funds have been invested, including how the $117 million approved by the Park District has been leveraged by 277% for $324 million in total park and recreation improvements.”

In 2008, voters in the two counties approved Measure WW, a $500 million bond extension, to expand regional parks and trails, and to preserve and protect open space for recreation and wildlife habitat. Measure WW extended Measure AA, which was originally approved in 1988. Measure WW, passed with 72% support, was the largest regional bond funding measure for parks in the U.S.

Of the $500 million from Measure WW, $125 million (25%) was allocated on a per-capita basis for grants to 46 cities, communities, park and recreation districts, county service areas, and the Oakland Zoo to address park and recreation needs. Cities and public agencies decide for themselves what recreation facilities need funding, and submit applications to the East Bay Regional Park District to receive funds.

“We are pleased that Measure WW has been able to assist local communities in improving their local parks and recreational facilities,” said East Bay Regional Park District President Ayn Wieskamp. “So far, the Park District has paid $96.8 million directly to local cities and service areas for 170 completed projects.”