Nine Livermore elementary school students were recognized last week for their winning entries in the annual Livermore Water Awareness Poster Contest.

The theme this year was “Without Water, Life Would Be Pretty Dry.”

Placing first in the annual contest were Sunset Elementary third-grader Stella Marcel, Rancho Las Positas fourth-grader Yul Kim, and Sunset Elementary fifth-grader Kayla Dippo.

Second place went to Altamont Creek third-grader Utsha Dey, Emma C. Smith Elementary fourth-grader Selina Sharma, and Altamont Creek fifth-grader Angeline Roy.

Third went to Emma C. Smith Elementary third-grader Prabveer Singh Sarang, Leo R. Croce Elementary fourth-grader Jacob Ryan, and Leo R. Croce Elementary fifth-grader Avery Lockhart.

The contest was open to all third, fourth and fifth grade students enrolled in a Livermore school or living in the city. It was sponsored by California Water Service, Livermore Municipal Water, and the Zone 7 Water Agency.

“We believe it’s never too early to teach our students about the importance of water conservation,” said Steve Aguiar, Livermore’s interim water resources manager. “We have sponsored this contest for more than 20 years, and our hope is that the hundreds of Livermore students who have participated over the decades have now become water-wise adults.”