Happening concurrently with the 50th anniversary of the California Watercolor Association’s national exhibition, Michael Reardon will share information from his latest book, Watercolor Techniques, during this three-day workshop. He will share some of his insights into painting and how to enjoy it. Through demonstrations and hands-on painting, Michael will show ways to simplify and create dynamic compositions, work quickly and decisively, and capture the essence of a scene convincingly. He will cover the use of a limited palette, dynamic color mixing, and the use of light and value to describe form.

To learn more about Michael Reardon and to learn more about the workshop and for a materials list, visit California Watercolor Association at californiawatercolor.org.

The three-day worskshop will take place January 31 to February 2, 2020 for advanced beginner to advanced level students.

To register go to https://bit.ly/2DXU19v. The registration fee for non-CWA members is $485; CWA members fee is $425.