Doors Open, a new musical by San Jose playwright Mark Teagle, will be performed on Sunday, Oct. 20, at 7 p.m., at Lynnewood United Methodist Church, 4444 Black Avenue, Pleasanton.

The play explores the lives of a small group of people, both LGBTQ and straight, who struggle with what it means to be involved in their church while loving all the people in their lives. Character Mel stands outside his church, unable to go through the doors. His daughter Shauna just came out to him and now he’s conflicted; how can he love his gay daughter and still stay true to his church? Outside those same doors stands Dee, a Lesbian wondering if she is welcome at this congregation. Joining them onstage are church members and outsiders who laugh, sing and cry their way through this challenging conversation.

Admission is free. Visit, or call 925.846.0221.