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In an effort to enhance the cultural scene in their city, leaders at the helm of Dublin Arts Collective (DAC) recently hosted a gallery exhibit of local artists.

Located at 7038 Village Parkway, the Frame Company & Art Gallery now boasts the colorful masterpieces of 12 different watercolor artists for a show that will run through Aug. 27. All artwork is for sale.

Participating artists include Meghana Mitragotri, Lorraine Wells, Alka Vaidya, Jennifer Huber, Usha Shukla, Rekha Joshi, Wendy McDermott, Michelle Meng, Yinghua Wang, Robert Bennett, Deepti Saraswat and Sawsan Wolski.

“We’re so proud that it’s Dublin Art Collective’s first members’ show,” said Mitragotri, the show chair. “When we asked the members what they wanted to accomplish in the next six months, the one common ask was to have a show in Dublin.”

Wolski, who owns the Frame Company and serves as the DAC president, commended her business’s landlord — another supporter of the arts — for paying for the remodel to make the gallery a possibility.

“We have no gallery space in Dublin — this was the closest thing that we have,” Wolski continued. “We still need support for space in the city. This has been our only space, so we figured let’s use it, and let’s show the city and the residents that having an art gallery is possible and to generate an excitement toward the arts.”

There was no entry fee for the artists to enter the show, but 10% of the proceeds will go toward the DAC, a nonprofit organization, to support behind-the-scenes expenses, such as supplies, venue rentals and insurance. The City of Dublin paid for the group’s Zoom fees during the pandemic to support continued virtual art lessons, said Wolski.

Vanessa Thomas, DAC co-founder, saw the show not only as a means to raise funds for the organization and support local artists, but also a way to encourage creators to step outside their comfort zones.

“The watercolor art show has built some momentum, and it’s also expanded the kind of genres that artists are being exposed to,” she explained. “There were artists who participated who don’t typically use that (watercolor) medium.”

Mitragotri expressed her appreciation that the gallery was able to come together for her fellow artists.

“For a city to be able to have something as local and cozy and nice as this, we are very lucky,” she said.

DAC has more exhibits and events slated for fall, including a Guest Artist Show, Sept. 16, and a Scary Art Show, Oct. 14.

For more information, visit https://dacarts.org. To view Wolsi’s president message on YouTube, visit https://bit.ly/3zDzwdi.