Illusionist Vitaly

Illusionist Vitaly makes faces disappear from drivers’ licenses.

Bringing a show full of wonder to Livermore on Saturday, Nov. 9, world-class illusionist Vitaly is making a rare one-night appearance at the Bankhead Theater. Born in Belarus, Vitaly Beckman, who uses his first name as his show name, has been called one of the most innovative illusionists in the world.

Combining breathtaking visuals with Vitaly’s captivating style, An Evening of Wonders is an interactive theatrical experience that takes audiences on a magical journey. Along the way, Vitaly blends art and illusion to illustrate the story of his transformation from a boy with a dream to a man with a vision—the vision of a world where the rules of reality do not exist. In this world paintings spring to life, photographs become mini-movies, and audience members see their faces vanish from their own driver’s licenses. Even time itself reverses as bare broken branches visibly repair and renew themselves with the green leaves of spring.

Featuring some of the most original illusions ever witnessed—many of which touch on tender topics such as love, loss and growing old—Vitaly’s An Evening of Wonders does more than entertain; it moves, inspires, and instills within all who experience it a fresh perspective on life and a greater realization that ours is a world of beauty and wonder.

Tickets, from $20 to $65, may be purchased at the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center, 2400 First St., Livermore, or by visiting