Nava Dance Theater - Broken Seeds Still Grow

Nava Dance Theater - Broken Seeds Still Grow

The San Francisco-based Nava Dance Theatre will present “Broken Seeds Still Grow” at the Bankhead Theater in Livermore on Saturday, Aug. 27.

The performance is a multi-disciplinary dance and visual arts production exploring the 1947 British partition of India and Pakistan and its impact on the hyphenated American immigrant experience. According to Livermore Valley Arts, which is sponsoring the presentation as part of its Bankhead Summer Series, “Broken Seeds Still Grow” will explore what it means to belong somewhere and how the feeling of displacement continues to shape identities today through bharatanatyam, a traditional Hindu dance, and mixed visual media.

The production is the creation of Nadhi Thekkek, Nava Dance Theater’s artistic director, and Oakland visual artist Rupy C. Tut, based on stories from the crowd-sourced 1947 Partition Archive, which is available online. The partition of India into two independent nations in 1947, with Pakistan becoming a Muslim country and Indian becoming majority Hindu, resulted in more than a million people killed and 15 million refugees.

“This real-life history of so many Americans, told through this powerful performance, is important for us all, as we consider what we carry with us and what does it mean to be American, in all of its rich and multi-faceted forms,” Livermore Valley Arts said in a news release.

Tickets for the 3 p.m. performance range from $10 to $60, with $20 discount tickets available for students, military personnel, and seniors. The Bankhead Theater is located at 2400 First St. Livermore Valley Arts is a nonprofit organization operating the Bankhead Theater and Bothwell Arts Center. For tickets or more information, visit