This season, the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center (LVPAC) will bring new and exciting shows to the Bankhead Theater with the help of the Scott Kenison Producer’s Circle Fund (SKPCF).

Started in 2018, the Producer’s Circle gathers donations to help underwrite performances considered artistically significant and adventurous, while allowing ticket costs to remain low.

“This is a fund that is specifically set up that people can donate to, which goes to support performances we present that we think are important for the community, and we want to make them affordable,” said LVPAC Executive Director Chris Carter. “We use the fund to underwrite the cost of the shows … This year, we have identified three performances that we think are good fits for this particular fund.”

The three performances are unique, large shows that would otherwise cost too much for the Bankhead to host, so the LVPAC turns to its special fund to help offset costs. The first – Cruzando Fronteras – is scheduled for Aug. 22. It combines the musical talents of Latin band Jarabe Mexicano with Mexican folkdance company Ballet Folklorico de Los Angeles.

“This is two groups together,” Carter said, noting the cost of the performance would be too high without help from the Producer’s Circle Fund. “It’s a big performance … a large group with dancers, and it’s a big production. We also feel it’s culturally significant and important to present. It’s part of our goal to represent the different communities in the arts, and for us, it’s important for a lot of reasons.”

In December, the theater will host its second SKPCF performance, a holiday-themed gospel and jazz show by Damien Sneed. The third show is slated for February and will feature a musical celebration of the life of French singer Edith Piaf.

Carter said the fund normally underwrites three to four shows each year. While his team is looking for a fourth show, nothing has been announced. He hopes to continue gathering donations to the fund to continue its goal of bringing new performances to the Bankhead with reasonable ticket prices.

“The goal is to bring these artistically and culturally significant programs to the Tri-Valley, and we wouldn’t be able to do that if we didn’t have this fund to help underwire the performances,” said Carter. “And they are all great, these are each going to be wonderful shows.”

For more information on the LVPAC, the Bankhead Theater, or to see upcoming shows, purchase tickets, or donate, visit livermorearts.org or call 925-373-6800.