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Do you have a hankering for 36-hour fermented sourdough levain and exquisite pastries from the famed Manresa Bread bakery in Los Gatos? Perhaps the best cheeses from Marin, fresh produce from Santa Cruz farms, cookies from Pacific Cookie Company and prepared food from an assortment of Peninsula eateries? All this and more can be delivered straight to your door by Shop Locale, a unique gourmet curation service that lets you choose the foods you want from their extensive online selection for a flat fee of $5. And there’s no minimum purchase.

Invented by two young men from Los Gatos, Jonathan Friedland and Chris Clark, who found themselves living back in their parent’s homes when the pandemic forced their offices in San Francisco to close, Shop Locale has been slowly expanding its reach. As of June 11, the program is delivering food from four dozen partners to the East Bay, including Danville, San Ramon, Pleasanton and Walnut Creek. The mission is to support local farms and businesses and to make it easy for people who want the best to access it with a fair delivery price. For now, deliveries, handled by Shop Locale’s team of over 100 local teenagers and college kids, take place only on Saturdays.

“Our goal was to offer the best local food you can buy,” Friedland said. “Cheeses from Marin Cheese Company, Oren’s Hummus, pasta from Bayview Pasta, organic chicken from Fogline Farms, eggs from Corvus Ranch in Pescadero, avocados from Brokaw Farms, and bread from Companion Bakery in Santa Cruz.”

The company’s mainstay for produce is Alba Farms, a concept funded by the HP Foundation that leases land to startup farmers, helping them raise crops like carrots, zucchini, snap peas and broccolini. Shop Locale also sources from Coke Farms, Brokaw Ranch and Bella Vita Farms. If you’ve never had sausages from Journeyman Meat or cream from Straus Dairy, now’s your chance.

Every choice made by the Shop Locale founders serves their broadening community,” Friedland continued. “When the local economy flourishes, our quality of life improves with it. Our schools have more funding, our children are better equipped to find summer jobs, and you as a consumer can benefit from better quality goods. We think the majority of our food can be purchased locally, and our goal is to offer a convenient way to do so.”