Foothill High junior Jiahua (Will) Liang sent his “Prayer” to Washington after winning 1st place in 2019 Congressional Art Competition for California's District 15. His original artwork, “Prayer,” hangs in the Cannon Tunnel, which runs from the U.S. House of Representatives to the U.S. Capitol, along with the winning artwork from other congressional districts for one year.

Jiahua’s call to peace comes after years of advanced art study and practice with Mr. Jian Wu and Mrs. Trish Fenton. Jiahua now uses his finely detailed art to raise awareness for societal problems. The woman in the foreground looks up as she prays for safety and security amid a backdrop of a bullet riddled map.

On June 24, Jiahua attended the art reception in Washington DC where he met many artists and exchanged ideas. He plans to incorporate new ideas into future pieces to express his thoughts and raise awareness for societal problems.