Sen. Steve Glazer’s recent call for Gov. Gavin Newsom to reinstate a shelter-in-place order might seem extreme. With businesses hurting, unemployment rates through the roof and the general mental health of the community at stake, his opinion on the topic wasn’t met with strong favor.

But maybe he’s onto something. WebMD reports COVID-19 has an incubation period of up to 14 days. Those who then become sick and must quarantine are required to do so for another 14 days.

The very real reality is, we could have killed the virus within a month or so when things started back in March if we had taken more stringent measures at the time. Our kids would be back in school; businesses would be open; people would be back to work and not relying on unemployment insurance to get by; and the pandemic would have been an interesting footnote on the history books for 2020. Instead, we continued to expose ourselves to a slow trickle of infection, and our government is paying for it.

However, all we can do now is look forward.

Glazer’s call for a strict shutdown is unpopular, and it’s nothing anyone truly wants to do. We all miss, well... everything. But let’s kick quarantine into high gear and empower ourselves to be done with it. We can do this.

A month — perhaps a month and a half — is nothing we haven’t sacrificed already, and at the rate we’re going, there seems to be no end in sight if we don’t change something.

The question becomes: Are we willing to dedicate a small window of time to bring down the disease in our state? If so, let's give Glazer our support.