The Independent also endorses current Vice Mayor Arun Goel, whose history with the council in Dublin has given him a firsthand perspective on the issues the city needs addressed. We appreciate his stance that over-development has interfered with the city’s ability to address homelessness, help seniors or offer affordable housing. In a city that has bowed to development, we’ve seen the massive impact this has had on the infrastructure, especially with regard to schools and traffic.

As Goel states, “Developers have had too much influence in our city for too long. They’re the reason why we have not been able to calm our chaotic traffic or why we’ve seen an increase in traffic and an uptick in our number of crowded classrooms before the pandemic.”

While we appreciate his opponent Melissa Hernandez’s stance on some of the issues, we saw Goel as a stronger advocate for improving policing and building upon the Climate Action Plan 2030 with strategies that offer a win-win. For these reasons, we believe voters should choose Goel in the coming election.