With the Delta variant sweeping through the nation and Alameda County health officials asking residents to once again mask up when indoors, the Pleasanton City Council made the right move to aid businesses by extending the pop-up program.

The program helped businesses create the space outdoors to accommodate customers, bringing a different kind of life to the downtown area during a dark time. We hope to see the case counts drop off again, but what if we find ourselves prohibited from eating indoors at a restaurant again?

With the reopening still fresh, it makes sense to help restaurants maintain their outdoor venues. While some voiced the concerns that the pop-up program negatively impacted access and visibility for retail stores, the council will also consider the development of parklets. Built flush to the sidewalks in parking and street areas, these sidewalk extensions would enhance accessibility.

Until our lives have resumed to a semblance of the “old normal,” cities should do what they can to support businesses that have managed to survive during a difficult time.