Residents of Dublin, Livermore and Sunol have a new electricity provider. East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) launched its clean energy services throughout November.

Customers in participating areas are automatically enrolled in the service based on their local city council or board of supervisors’ decision to join the EBCE program. Pleasanton chose not to take part.

The launch marks a major milestone for Alameda County, as customers may now select a greener, lower cost choice for electricity. EBCE’s mission is to provide higher percentages of renewable and carbon-free energy compared to PG&E at competitive rates.

A not-for-profit government agency, East Bay Community Energy will keep its rates competitive and reinvest earnings back into the community to create local green energy and clean power projects that benefit the Alameda County economy within the program's area.

We applaud the opportunity to choose clean energy options as a way to help deal with climate change. We urge Pleasanton to reconsider and join the program.