Kudos to the East County Board of Zoning Adjustments (BZA) for giving itself the gift of time.

With the board’s recent vote to issue a continuance for decisions around the Sunwalker project proposed for North Livermore, the members will now have a 60-day opportunity to further consider its impacts.

We encourage the BZA and the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to thoroughly evaluate all options for the development of green energy before rushing any decisions. In recent weeks, the Friends of Livermore (FOL) engaged a private consultant to investigate such alternative solar opportunities. The report provided to FOL shows that a total of 756 acres of utility scale sites producing about 135 megawatts were found, along with about 42 megawatts of municipal sites.

The Independent fully understands the importance of meeting the state’s clean energy demands, but it’s counterintuitive to destroy open space, wildlife and the agricultural use of the area in the name of going greener.

We can do better than throwing down hundreds of shining panels into the scenic corridor of the Tri-Valley. Supervisor Scott Haggerty stated in an Oct. 19 meeting that the county needs to further explore infill options. We agree. And we hope to see this, along with other opportunities for solar installation, weighed with due consideration.