While Livermore has seen a higher population of homelessness than its neighbors to the west, the community in recent years put forth a tremendous effort to help — and house — those in need. Thanks to many volunteers, elected officials, police officers and nonprofit agencies that collaborated to form solutions, all but one of the individuals who once found refuge in the creek north of Walmart have moved into a real home.

From Goodness Village’s 28 units to apartments made available to the homeless at Chestnut Square, this once-large homeless encampment has been all but abandoned.

The current number of those still homeless in Livermore will not be known until the next Point-in-Time (PIT) count set for January next year. According to the most recent Alameda County PIT count, there were 264 homeless people in Livermore in 2019. Planning for the next PIT is underway; residents might consider volunteering for this important project. The PIT captures an unduplicated count of those experiencing homelessness on a single night in the county, and offers valuable data that the county’s Continuum of Care must report for federal funding.

Councilmember Bob Carling, one of the city leaders advocating for the homeless, urges those who wish to support the cause to sign up as a volunteer at https://bit.ly/Indy_PIT. For more information, visit https://everyonehome.org/connect.