There will be two new Dublin City Councilmembers elected on November 6.

The Independent recommends Bobby Khullar and Jean Josey. They have expressed similar views when it comes to growth. They favor slowing it down to allow infrastructure to catch up.

Khullar said that where there are no developer agreements, growth should be stopped now. Adding more transit oriented development near BART stations without adding infrastructure, such as school classroom and police and fire staffing, impacts current residents negatively.

Josey wants to take a look at Specific Plans and General Plans. She suggested that perhaps a committee could be appointed by the council to conduct a review of them.

The two believe it is important to work cooperatively with the school district. However, Khullar would like to see the school district officials be more vocal in making their needs known.

On business, Khullar likes the fact that IKEA has changed its plans, putting the parking underground. Khullar wants to bring back businesses, both retail and office to help boost revenue.

We like that Josey voiced support for a walkable downtown area with a town square park. When it comes to housing, more below market rate units are needed. Josey supports strong ordinances on inclusionary housing and raising the fee.

Vote for Bobby Khullar and Jean Josey in November.