Dublin residents will choose between incumbent mayor David Haubert and challenger, Councilmember Arun Goel this November.

The Independent recommends Arun Goel. We feel that he would bring a new energy to the mayoral role. He advocates not zoning sites that are non-vested, and updating both specific plans and the general plan to reflect current conditions. He would involve the community on committees designed to take on such tasks as watching the city’s finances, working to expand business, and creating a multi-modal committee to expand transportation opportunities. He engaged with IKEA to create a better plan.

The current mayor, David Haubert, was slow to respond to concerns of citizens regarding the impacts of growth. While he has done better over the last two years, his perspective changed after Goel was elected to the council.

Haubert is good at working with people, has supported affordable housing developments, and would like to see more community involvement in creating the downtown.

Dublin is entering a period where strong leadership is required to do what is in the interest of its citizens when it comes to planning for the future. We believe that Arun Goel would best fill that role.