The City of Dublin has adopted a “net zero” greenhouse gas emissions policy, aiming to eliminate or offset city emissions by 2045. We applaud the effort. There is no more pressing global need for our society than to slow the slide toward a dangerously hot climate, and Dublin is trying to do its share.

Dublin adopted a climate action plan in 2010 and has updated it as the State of California modernized its own goals and standards. Future options range from encouraging the use of electric vehicles to banning new natural gas installations. Some of the solutions will impact residents and business owners more than others, so Dublin is wisely consulting with those who might be affected.

Dublin can hardly solve the climate problem by itself. It can’t control carbon emissions from the 24/7 stream of traffic on the I-580 and I-680 freeways that run through the city, for instance. And it doesn’t help that Washington is loosening climate-protective standards and encouraging denialism while the world’s oceans are rising and ice caps are shrinking. But by taking a stand, doing what it can, Dublin is moving in a positive direction for itself and the rest of the state. Others should take note.