At its last meeting, the Dublin City Council voted 3-2 against flying a rainbow flag for a day to support LGBT pride month, which begins June 1. They will be reconsidering their vote at their upcoming June 4th meeting.

In social media posts and news reporting, citizens criticized the hatred expressed by those who disparage members of the LGBT community. The citizens called for a boycott of Dublin businesses, a petition to raise the flag at City Hall, and a campaign to fly flags at their homes in protest.

As Councilmember Jean Josey observed, the City Council meeting was a wake-up call that the city needs to actively support the LGBT community. Josey, who works with students in the Dublin Unified School District, emphasized that the flag sends a message to youth struggling for acceptance and dealing with threats to their physical and emotional safety.

We commend Councilmembers Shawn Kumagai and Josey for speaking out in hopes of making the city not only a welcoming place, but also one that celebrates and takes genuine pride in its many forms of diversity.

At its June 4th meeting, the Council will reassess the issue of flying the rainbow flag. We agree with those who think that the city should adopt a policy listing the criteria for flying a flag on a city flagpole. We urge the council to do so, and then proceed with a vote to fly the flag in June.