The Pleasanton Unified School District, Association of Pleasanton Teachers, and Classified School Employees Association have put out a call to local and state elected officials to provide full and fair funding for public education.

In a letter, they note that while California is now the fifth largest economy in the world, its schools are funded in the bottom 10% when compared to other school systems in the United States.

The California legislature is being asked to raise school funding levels to the national average by 2020, and to the average of the top ten states by 2025.

A letter invites community members to contact their local and state elected officials to support the passage of key legislation aimed at improving California’s public education funding model.

The letter states, “It will take all of us, focused on improving the State’s funding model, to ensure we are able to meet the needs of the next generation of learners. We must fight for what’s right for our children.”

A well educated population is a plus for all and necessary for the jobs of the future. We urge all to join in the effort to provide the funding to make that happen.