AB 2923, a bill that would override local zoning control of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) on BART property near its stations, is now on Governor Jerry Brown's desk.

If signed, local government would be forced to accept the standards set by BART policy for density and minimum height limits up to 5 and 7 stories on its land. Currently, Pleasanton and Dublin could be impacted. Both cities have worked with BART in the past to approve TOD on land BART owns at the Pleasanton/Dublin East and West stations.

Although BART owns land in Livermore, Livermore will not be affected because the bill applies only to land next to a station. Livermore did approve a TOD plan near what would have been the Isabel Station. The station was scrapped after BART failed to vote to extend BART to Livermore.

While there is a housing crisis, particularly affordable housing, it is not BART's job to solve that problem; it is to run a transit system. City governments are best equipped to deal with the complicated issues involving dense housing.

AB2923 appears to be just another effort on the part of large employment centers, such as San Francisco and Silicon Valley, to force other areas to build housing for their workers. We urge the Governor not to sign the bill.